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Why Monitor User Behavior in Your Network

February 14, 2019

Keeping a close eye on user behavior within your network lets you minimize risks and snuff out threats fast. Global Data Sentinel’s identity management approach to user access on the network lets you know what’s going on in your systems at all times.

Why Monitor User Behavior in Your Network

Monitoring user behavior

Identity management combined with encryption lets you see user behavior clearly. You can see who is accessing what and when. This tracking keeps everyone accountable and takes no risks with your files.

User access to files is fully controllable with Global Data Sentinel. Subsequently this helps minimize risk. An important document that contains sensitive information can be set-up to only allow certain users on your system to access it. They would need the encryption keys to access the document.

This helps keep important documents on a need to know basis and reduces the likelihood of a leak, whether deliberate or accidental.

User behavior to snuff out threats

The real strength of close user behavior monitoring is that when something goes wrong, you should be able to stop it fast. If a user’s account was somehow compromised, as soon as it started behaving unnaturally the system would alert you. Perhaps the account started trying to download documents it does not have the encryption keys for. A notification could be sent to the admin team to investigate what’s going on with the user.

If the account was behaving particularly suspiciously, like attempting to download all files multiple times as fast as possible, the account could be automatically shut down. AI would spot the strange behavior and immediately cut out the danger.

The monitoring of user behavior is an important part of ensuring cyber security these days. You need to take back control of your network, and that means knowing what is going on within it, at all times. The way Global Data Sentinel’s cyber security ecosystem is set-up lets organizations regain that control. With proper tracking and reporting, you can put a stop to threats quickly.