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Why Data Backup Security is So Vital

September 20, 2018

Without proper data backup security, you can find yourself in an awkward position. Take ransomware attacks for example, what happens when the cost of down time and recovery is bigger than the ransom being demanded by attackers?

Why Data Backup Security is So Vital

Data backup security needed or face paying up

That’s the situation one town in Canada has found itself in this month when its data backup security was inadequate enough to get the town’s systems back online quickly after a ransomware attack. Ransomware is a form of attack that encrypts your files and prevents you from accessing them. The hackers offer the decryption keys to regain access to the data for a payment usually to be delivered in bitcoin.

Midland Town in Canada, with a population of more than 16,000, was hit with this exact type of attack on 1 September. Most cyber security experts will rightly tell you to never pay up to ransomware demands. It only encourages more hackers to take up the practice and it singles you out as a target who is willing to pay should you be hit by ransomware. There’s nothing to guarantee the hackers will decrypt your files should you pay up, and there’s nothing to stop them trying to hit you again in the future. Paying up is not a long-term solution.

Midland town however have paid up to the ransomware attack in efforts to get back online. It said:

“Although not ideal, it is in our best interest to bring the system back online as quickly as possible. The Town had previously secured an insurance policy to cover such circumstances. Decryption efforts are underway.”

Many of the Town’s computers were down for 48 hours and some vital town services were kicked off line, including emails, payments, permit issuing and marriage application processing. As such, it decided the cost of downtime was greater than the cost of the ransom and has paid up in efforts to get back online.

Data backup security that reduces down time

Data backup security is needed so that the cost of downtime doesn’t outweigh the cost of a ransom. Even if it does, we would advise not to pay out to ransomware in any circumstances. In the long-run it’s not a good strategy. If you must, make sure you follow paying up with the necessary changes to prevent and better respond to such attacks in the future.

The best way to respond is with strong data backup security solutions. If you can roll back quickly to a time when the ransomware hadn’t infected your systems, you can quickly regain control of your systems and kick the hackers out.

Here at Global Data Sentinel, full file version control is a major part of our cyber security ecosystem. We ensure your data is continuously backed up and archived, helping to achieve disaster recovery and business continuity. Invest in proper data backup security now, so you don’t have to invest in bitcoins for ransomware tomorrow and in the future.