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Three Reasons Organizations Turn to Cyber Security Experts

September 10, 2019

Organizations of all types need the help of cyber security experts. The task of properly defending an organization’s data is too big for many to tackle alone – here’s three reasons why the need for expert help is increasing?

Three Reasons Organizations Turn to Cyber Security Experts

1.The threat is growing

The cyber security threat is growing. It is extremely difficult to keep up with the cyber security criminals evolving tactics and the excessive number of attacks. Some of the latest data from Canada illustrates this point clearly. In the last eight months, 19 million Canadians have had their data breached.

Organizations rely on technology to enhance business security, like the cloud and the internet of things. That growing reliance has increased the number of potential vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Advanced and intertwined IT systems that facilitate efficiency and collaboration are great, but they are a risk if security can’t keep pace with them.

It’s an issue organizations are having. Their security can’t keep up with the threat. That’s why the fact there has been 6 times as many data breaches reported in Canada this year than last is not surprising.

2. Legislation forcing better cyber security

There is another reason for the huge increase in reported data breaches in Canada. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has made it a requirement to report data breaches that could affect Canadian citizens. This is the first year of the new legislation that requires reporting.

Globally, similar legislation is becoming more popular. Take GDPR for example in Europe. In the United States, a number of States have introduced and amended their own cyber security laws in recent years.

New laws make the reporting of data breaches a requirement and punish companies for not meeting certain basic standards. Organizations that don’t get cyber security right will start to find themselves in legal trouble in the coming years.

3. Cyber security skills lacking

The cyber security skills needed to fight the growing threat are severely lacking. That’s the last key reason why expert help is needed. Not every organizations can afford or find cyber security experts to build and maintain their own bespoke defense. One survey found that 58 per cent of organizations have unfilled cyber security positions.

An overnight fix is impossible. Put simply, we need more and more people to study cyber security in schools and colleges to produce the next generation of experts.

What can organizations do?

Organization need experts, like Global Data Sentinel. We help organizations simply integrate a data management security ecosystem into organizations existing operations. Through extensive encryption, identity management, backup and recovery and AI, we have a ready-made cyber security solution that is available to utilize. We help you deal with the growing threat, meet legal requirements, and close the knowledge and technological gap in your organizations quickly.