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State Data Breaches Hit Thousands of Citizens

March 19, 2019

A couple of state data breaches have put thousands of citizens personal details in danger. The breaches in Michigan and Arizona put people’s details at risk, but were very different in nature.

State Data Breaches Hit Thousands of Citizens

Michigan state data breaches

State data breaches come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately in Michigan, it came in large. More than 600 thousand citizens have found themselves the victims of a data breach. Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel urged those affected to safeguard their information.

The breach came from Wolverine Solutions Group, a Detroit based company that handles a wealth of public data through its work with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Health Alliance Plan, McLaren Health Care, Three Rivers Health, and North Ottawa Community Health System.

Peoples’ names, addresses, social security numbers, insurance contract information, phone numbers and medical information is potentially all affected. As such, Wolverine is offering impacted individuals identity protection.

It’s a worry that if the attackers who broke in did extract all that data, there could be fraudulent attacks against the individuals affected.

Old fashioned state data breaches

Online state data breaches have probably become more the norm, and the biggest threat. However, in Arizona, there was a reminder that data breaches still come from physical documents and mistakes. An apparent programming error meant letters were sent out to the wrong homes for more than 3,000 individuals. These were tax forms from the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. Thankfully, social security numbers were not impacted in this breach, just names and date of birth.

While both breaches where very different in causes and style, they both impacted the health industry. That’s an all too common theme. The healthcare industry handles everyone’s personal details in one way or another. One way or another, that protection needs to be of the highest quality, both when healthcare organizations hold on to details directly and when they share the responsibility with third parties. Here at Global Data Sentinel we help build security ecosystems that keep you in control of your data at all times. Find out more here.