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Revocable Email Provides Security to Sent Messages

July 14, 2015

Last week, we took a close look at the importance of email encryption. With so much business carried out through the means of email, its security is paramount. It’s vital to have secure communications within a company and to external partners, and encryption gives that protection to any sensitive information. One of the most interesting benefits of our encryption platform however, is the added control it affords you over emails. Our encryption platform gives you the power of revocable email.


What are revocable emails?

When we talk about revocable email here at Global Data Sentinel, we are talking about the ability to prohibit access to emails and attachments you have already sent. This is possible with Global Data Sentinel, because when you send a securely encrypted email on our platform, the recipient is also required to authenticate to prove they have permission to access the encrypted email. Once the intended recipient has authenticated, they will have access to the email and attachments using rights that have been granted to them by the sender.

The power of Global Data Sentinel allows the sender to revoke a recipient’s access to the encrypted email. As the security travels with the data, only those who have been granted access can view the email. So no matter where the encrypted email resides, even in secure backup repositories on other organisations’ servers, once access rights have been revoked, decrypting the email and its attachments is made impossible.

Without access, the recipient can no longer read the email or its attachments – even if they have already viewed it. The only way to regain access is for the owner to send a new encrypted email using another unique revocable encryption key.

Revoking access to email with one click

All the sender of an email needs to do, is head in to their sent email folder in their email application – open up the Global Data Sentinel features section, and select revoke access to any of the recipients who can view the email. The recipient whose access has been revoked will then receive a failed message when they try to access the email.

Revocable email ensures security and is fully auditable

Revocable emails can be an extremely helpful tool in the business world. They first and foremost add to the security of your sensitive and valuable data and information. Revoking capabilities help ensure that your data is not misused by the people you share it with. In a situation where you do not want the recipient to be able to view an email anymore, their access to your data is removed.

This is strengthened by Global Data Sentinel’s capabilities to send emails in a read-only mode – that prohibits download, screenshotting, printing, copying or forwarding abilities of the recipient. And if misuse is detected, tamper-proof auditing allows the sending organization to investigate exactly who, where and when the data was accessed – providing accurate scope for the level of data exposure.

Use revocable email to make changes to a document or recipient

Security is the major highlight for revocable emails but it also has a range of smaller but very useful benefits. It helps you correct the inevitable human errors we all make. If you spot a mistake in your email – perhaps some kind of inaccuracy – but you’ve already hit send, with revocable emails, you can prohibit access to the email before anyone has even had a chance to read it. It acts as a safety net against human error. No longer are emails sent to the wrong person a problem: just revoke access to the encryption key and send it off to the right recipient.

The ability to revoke emails or set an expiration date on encryption keys can also help you get timely answers to your email. It’s possible, when your recipients know they will lose access to an email if they don’t respond in time, they will be more inclined to respond quickly.

Communicate securely with external recipients

The encryption and revocable email capabilities of Global Data Sentinel work when both sender and recipient are using the system. Internally, Global Data Sentinel is immediately a secure platform for sharing data. When it comes to external relationships, we make it extremely easy for our security to be extended. When business gets serious, and you need to start sharing valuable and sensitive information and data with an external partner, we allow you to create read-only accounts for them on your Global Data Sentinel system.

For the external recipient, it’s a simple quick download – and after that they can safely receive your emails. We believe in security that travels with your data – it’s no good having a state of the art cyber security system, if your data becomes vulnerable once it leaves your system. That is why secure collaboration is a pillar of our security offering.

Revocable email is just one aspect of Global Data Sentinel’s security approach to email – but is perhaps the most useful. It’s a solution that provides not just security benefits, but expands the range of tools at your disposal when you are sending emails and attachments. Combine that with the system’s inherent encryption capabilities and the auditing and reporting tools, you have a solution that secures your data, no matter where it resides, no matter who you share it with.