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Complete Cyber Security with GDS AI Threat Response

November 11, 2019

A cyber security plan is not complete if it exclusively focuses on stopping cyber criminals entering an organization’s domain. It’s understandably an area in which organizations are prone to devote greater time and resources to. Stopping attacks before they happen is the most desirable defense, however, complete cyber security needs to be smarter than this.

Preparing for when attacks do penetrate an organization’s system is not a defeatist approach, it is a necessary precaution taken by all those who take cyber security seriously. A proper threat response plan is vital because it recognizes that the cyber security landscape is complicated and ever evolving. New ways to penetrate and attack organizations are constantly being developed, to the point that it is negligent for organizations to not proactively adopt systems designed to detect and expel unauthorized access.

In reality, it is simply not always possible to guarantee attacks won’t gain access to an organization’s domain. Not to mention, cyber security incidents on many occasions are generated from within. At GDS, we use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in our threat response solutions to provide constant and thorough protection and surveillance of an organization’s data. A complete cyber security defense takes no chances, protects data in every scenario, and prepares for the worst-case scenario.

One recent survey by the National Cyber Security Alliance showed that many organizations are simply not prepared for the worst scenario. While some 90 percent felt they were prepared to deal with a cyber security incident, only 57.6 percent of SMB organizations interviewed indicated they currently had a response plan ready to go should a cyber incident take place. A strong response is being overlooked by too many.

Threat response is not a part of cyber security that should be neglected in this way. Our DMOS technology allows us to easily integrate it into an organization’s cyber security defense.

Respond from solid ground

Our strong threat response is delivered by auditing, behavioral analysis and state-of-the-art AI technology. Our DMOS (Data Management Operating System) technology is the secure basis from which our threat response can leap into action.

So, what is the DMOS?

Using patented technology GDS has created its own unique architecture called DMOS which combines Multifactor Identity Management, super secure hierarchical public key management and fractional and hierarchical private key management.

We create unique end-point encryption that delivers true zero-knowledge security. True zero-knowledge security means that only an organization and those it wishes to share data with can ever access its data.

Essentially, DMOS creates a system structure that gives complete control back to organizations. Everyone on the system has been vetted and verified, and every piece of data is fully protected and encrypted. Organizations have complete control over who can access what data and when.

Always present AI Threat Response

The DMOS provides a basis from which GDS can employ a powerful AI threat response. When it detects a threat, it notifies admin teams to investigate, or can even shut down suspicious activity automatically. It grows stronger over time learning from failures and success, adapting its response. Primarily, the AI uses auditing and behavioral analysis to machine learn.

DMOS allows for auditing of every action. It logs what users are accessing and when, even if they are trying to access data they do not have the correct permission for. GDS can analyze the data, user and device for every action. Full audit reports for each and every day can always be produced.

The full auditing carried out allows for behavioral analysis. User activity is monitored and analyzed constantly. What is normal behavior is learned by the AI threat response system. It analyzes behavioral patterns so it can learn when suspicious and unusual activity occurs.

As said, this grows stronger over time. The system will get better at knowing what is noteworthy and what is not, and what is definitely dangerous and needs shutting down immediately. However, GDS allows that to be combined with baseline acceptable behavior that can be seeded in advance. It combines an organization’s security team discretion, with an always online learning AI behavioral analysis – the best of both worlds. Crucially, the system aims to not interfere with legitimate use and disrupt workflow unnecessarily. The whole GDS system is designed to add security without compromising convenience.

Once a threat has been detected, perhaps because a user account attempted to access files it shouldn’t have, or attempted to download multiple files simultaneously, the AI will notify the data managers. They can then investigate to see if a real threat is taking place. The AI can judge whether more immediate action is needed if the behavior is particularly suspicious. It can shut out access immediately for a suspicious account that is being misused or has been compromised.

Multiple lines of defense

We would all like to believe we can employ solutions that guarantee no cyber security attacks will break into our domains, but it’s just not realistic, and just not the way to properly implement a complete cyber security defense. Organizations have to prepare for every scenario. They need to be as vigilant and pro-active in defense as hackers are in attack.

Therefore, a threat response plan cannot be overlooked. Here at GDS, by implementing an AI based system, organizations can implement an always live, always proactive, and always complete cyber security defense. No chances are taken, and no corners are cut. Find out more.