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January 31, 2018

Global Data Sentinel and Mice360 join forces as GDS360 to capitalize on increasing demand for Data Security solutions for Financial Markets and Blockchain

New York, NY January 31, 2018

Global Data Sentinel, Inc. (GDS) and Mice360, Inc. have signed definitive agreements to form GDS360, Inc., enabling the new entity to capitalize on the growing number of rich opportunities the companies have jointly developed.

GDS360 was created by bringing together Global Data Sentinel (GDS) and Mice360, two exciting young companies in the Cybersecurity space. Previously, Mice360 was a licensee and channel partner for GDS, primarily focused on licensing GDS core data security product.

Creating GDS360 sees the company benefiting from the deep experience and entrepreneurial spirit of both managerial teams, to guide GDS360 through the high-growth phase it is anticipating will continue as the market continues to see dramatically increased demand through regulatory and C-level awareness of data security. Furthermore, GDS360 has jointly created, in conjunction with notable Cryptocurrency platform developers, a Quantum empowered and Quantum-proof solution to protect Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchanges and securely house virtual currencies to prevent them from being hacked.

With several analysts predicting anything from 7.8 to 15 percent year-on-year growth through 2021, it’s evident that the overall IT security market is poised for substantial growth in the coming years. With GDS360 able to extend significantly beyond the domain and into both Cloud and IoT, it has positioned itself as a robust and flexible solutions provider for the burgeoning Cryptocurrency and IoT markets in addition to traditional data security markets. Whether it is the need for secure ledgers and wallets for Cryptocurrencies, or data protection for IoT devices, GDS360 is confident it is well-placed to meet market needs and onboard significant revenues in 2018 and beyond.

“Through combining GDS’ unique approach to data security with Mice360’s global network of C-suite relationships we’ve created the perfect storm of innovation and execution, to meet the market demand we are seeing for data security products in traditional applications as well as new areas such as the Cryptocurrency market. Our goal is to drive shareholder value through a period of sustained, profitable, growth for the foreseeable future.” said Shahal Khan, Executive Chairman of GDS360 and founding partner of Mice360.

GDS360 has been positively received, recently signing agreements with NTT Data’s public-sector division, and also Europe-based GRC specialist Oxial as a joint solution for GDPR compliance.

“GDS360 is the culmination of a close relationship between GDS and Mice360 for the past couple of years, and the fruit of our labors has seen our data security solutions well-received at both Fortune500 and Government levels. We’ve developed a robust and scalable solution that meets today’s complex needs of protecting data wherever it resides, including cross-domain, meaning on a network, in the cloud, and on the endpoint, whether it’s desktop, mobile or IoT. We secure the data not only at-rest, but also in transit to eliminate classic vulnerability for data during the transition points between these different platforms and domains.” said John-Philip Galinski, CEO of GDS360 and Co-Founder/CEO of Global Data Sentinel.

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