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July 31, 2018

GDS360’s Data Management Operating Systems (DMOS™) cybersecurity platform sees rapidly accelerating growth in Healthcare, Finance and Government globally

New York, New York, July 31, 2018

The company has successfully completed pilots and penetration testing with several Fortune 50 companies and achieved the top tier of score possible.

Executive Chairman Shahal Khan states, “We are very excited about GDS360’s transition from a technology development phase to a successful commercial platform deployment phase with Fortune 50 clients and governments. It’s been abundantly clear for quite a while that data security is the key underpinning characteristic of true cybersecurity. GDS360 is uniquely positioned to be a leader in that sector. With existing contracts with Cisco, NTT Data, and the US DHS, as well as ongoing pilots with several Fortune 50 firms in Healthcare, Defense, Financial services and Government, we look forward to rapid growth in the North American, European and MENA regions with planned office openings in Europe and the UAE in Q1 of 2019.”

CEO John-Philip Galinski adds, “The demands of cybersecurity, GDPR, far more sophisticated hacker/malware attacks and ever-present insider threats, combined with the escalating need for faster data collaboration is leading to a convergence of data control requirements that GDS360 is extremely well-suited to provide. We’re witnessing a world in which individual point solutions have become wholly inadequate and only a unified platform approach will suffice. By securing the data at the data level, providing full data provenance and automated responses to threats as well as rapidly growing legal requirements, GDS360 is leading the ongoing evolution toward true data control regardless of where that data exists, even if it’s offline”.

GDS360 is finalizing negotiations for growth funding to help meet demand in the US, Canada, Europe, the UAE and GCC. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

GDS360 Inc. has built a data management operating system that controls, secures and provides full auditing for data at the data level, regardless of the domain, platform or operating system within which that data resides. GDS360’s DMOS™ has proven to be a unique approach to data management with deep benefits for network, mobile, cloud and IoT environments. Using a combination of transparent encryption, identity management, irrefutable audit and artificial intelligence, the GDS360 solution also provides a complete solution for GDPR requirements, including being able to destroy a data either automatically or on command throughout a system.