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January 24, 2018

GDS360 announces partnership with NTT DATA Services to provide information protection and data security solutions to public sector clients

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2018 – GDS360, Inc., a leading data security solutions provider, announced today that it is partnering with NTT DATA Services to deliver information protection and data security solutions to NTT DATA’s diverse base of public sector clients. The multi-year agreement will see NTT DATA utilizing GDS360 solutions as an integral part of their security services offering.

With innovation at its core, GDS360 solutions are designed to meet the needs of enterprise and governmental organizations, up to and including the compliance needs of complex regulatory and data privacy frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA, and the New York State Department for Financial Services (NYSDFS), which governs Wall Street and the banking sector. By combining innovation with the cornerstones of data security, such as encryption, zero-knowledge encryption key management, user identity management, user access audits, and user behavioral analytics, GDS360 delivers an end-to-end data security solution via installed client, browser-based thin client, API or SDK toolkits. In addition, GDS360 is pioneering the next-generation of blockchain security to include, among other proprietary protocols, quantum encryption.

“Our public sector clients need and expect best-in-class data security and privacy solutions. Our review of GDS360 technology and capabilities identified a number of opportunities where GDS360 could help us meet the increasing market demand we are seeing for security and compliance services,” said Shamlan Siddiqi, CTO, Public Sector, NTT DATA Services.“The GDS360 team impressed us with their unique approach to data security, which secures and audits data wherever it resides, providing robust user behavior analytics without impacting end-user workflow. This aligns precisely with the high-profile security needs of our clients at the Federal and local Government level and complements NTT DATA solutions in a way that will help provide protection and peace of mind for our clients’ in both the short and long term.”

In addition to securing data at-rest and in-transit, GDS360 delivers cross-domain security; meaning data assets can be stored securely in the cloud, on a network, or a hybrid of both, through a single solution.

“We are tremendously excited to be partnering with NTT DATA Services, and having our solutions available to their customer base. NTT DATA recognizes the same gap in the market today that we saw when we envisioned our product: enterprise data is no longer stored in a single repository, so there is an urgent need for a solution to protect data in transit or across the transition points between corporate networks, the cloud, mobile, and IoT. The security of data that is stored everywhere requires superior data controls, and GDS360 provides that superior level of data control,” said John-Philip Galinski, CEO of GDS360.

By securing data at the data level, GDS360 not only delivers regulatory-grade information protection, but also removes a tremendous IT governance burden currently imposed on organizations. By focusing on managing the access to data, and being able to permission or revoke that access for a user down to an individual file or folder, without having to deal with complex permissions of user access across the myriad of cloud and network-based services that are hosting the data, it provides an invaluable service to anyone storing large amounts of data and documents.

“Using GDS360 is like looking at an enterprise’s widely distributed data assets through a single pane of glass. Organizations of all sizes are finally getting to see the scale and dynamic nature of document creation, access, and dissemination not only within their organizations, but also externally as they share information and documents with customers, partners, and service providers. Being able to revoke access to a sensitive document shared with a soon-to-leave staff member, a business partner or service provider, whether on-network, in the cloud, or over email, is no longer for wish lists, it’s a must-have,” Mr. Galinski remarked.

Interested parties should reach out to their NTT DATA representative for more information. Media inquiries should use the contact details below.

Stephanie Hundsnurscher, Director of Communications, GDS360

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