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January 8, 2019

GDS360 Announces Appointment of New CEO Helder Antunes

WASHINGTON, D.C. January 8, 2019

GDS360 today announced the appointment of Helder Antunes as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.

“We’re pleased to have been able to attract an individual with Helder Antunes’s experience, particularly in the area of IoT and security”, said co-founders John Galinski and Nigel Walker. “Helder’s vast experience in Silicon Valley brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of scaling up businesses and in building a world class global organization. Given his exceptional connections to senior executive management across powerhouse firms in technology, transportation and finance, Helder’s ability to open doors for GDS360 will immeasurably benefit our growth and market presence.”

Helder Antunes is a high-profile, award-winning, technologist and executive with over 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley. During his tenure as a Cisco Systems executive for 20 years, Helder spearheaded various innovative initiatives from Network Security and Connected Vehicles to the Internet of Things. Antunes’s name has become synonymous with fog computing since co-founding and being named Chairman of the OpenFog Consortium in 2015, a consortium founded by tech giants Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Intel, ARM Holdings, and Princeton University, for the standardization and promotion of fog computing. During his tenure, Antunes led and grew the OpenFog Consortium into a global organization and succeeded in standardizing its reference architecture with IEEE.

GDS360 Executive Chairman Shahal Khan stated, “Our ability to attract such a high-profile industry leader, with a proven track record of execution, as Helder Antunes, is only a testament to the trajectory that GDS360 is taking and to the hard work and innovation that’s been put into our DMOS™ data security platform.”

“I am very excited to begin working with the exceptional team at GDS360 to deliver a quality security platform with a stellar business organization behind it, so that we can guide GDS360 in scaling to the next stage of our global growth”, says Antunes.

About GDS360

GDS360 is a data security firm providing unique cyber security solutions. The firm’s data management operating system, known as DMOS™, uses a blend of quantum-proof, hierarchical encryption and deep AI analytics to provide persistent data security across varied platforms, domains, clouds, and disparate technologies from legacy systems to chip-level hardware and IoT. Fully compliant to HIPAA and GDPR regulations, GDS360’s DMOS™ system is used by healthcare firms, financial institutions, and government agencies across the globe.

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