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How Prepared are You for Cyber Threats?

May 23, 2019

Is your organization ready to deal with the swathe of cyber threats it could face? One new survey says that the core issue in the growth of cyber security threats is a lack of IT professionals with the needed cyber security skills.

How Prepared are You for Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity skills shortage

The survey by the Information Systems Security Associations says that the skills shortage is a major cause of cyber threats. It believes the skills shortage has worsened for the third year in a row. Nearly half of the respondents surveyed have experienced a security incident in the past two years that caused damage to their organization.

Perhaps most worrying is the number of IT professionals who believe the balance of power is against them when dealing with cyber threats. Some 91 percent said they believed their organization was vulnerable to significant cyberattacks, and a further 94 percent believed cyber criminals had the advantage.

Cyber security professionals are too stretched, too busy and overwhelmed. There is little time for training and development in their career when there are too few of them. They are too busy doing what they can to make their organizations more secure.

Approach with the right attitude

To truly better handle cyber threats as a nation, the skills gap will need to be closed. But what can organizations do in the meantime?

With IT experts overwhelmed, the best thing organizations can do is approach security with the right holistic approach. That means making IT the responsibility of everyone throughout an organization. The IT security team shouldn’t work in a bubble isolated from all other departments. They need to be fully integrated and involved in training all staff to set proper security etiquette.

Key is for leadership to set an example. And that can start with giving Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) the proper respect and authority they need. CISO should be on the board and be part of all major decisions, helping to set the tone for the importance of security. The attitude organizations need to embody is that good cyber security is the platform on which they build all their work.

Just recently, the public sector is potentially setting a good example. A new bill was proposed this month in Congress that would require all members and their staff to receive further annual cybersecurity and IT training.

The skills gap in the industry needs closing, but in the meantime, with the right attitudes and tools, you can start minimizing the cyber threats your organization faces.

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