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Why Organization of All Sorts Need Secure Email Solutions

December 6, 2018

Whether you’re a business, charity or governmental organization, secure email solutions are needed. It’s still the way most business is conducted and is therefore still the source of many incidents – whether they come from outside attacks or internal errors.

Why Organization of All Sorts Need Secure Email Solutions

Secure email solutions lacking

There have been a couple of examples in the news of late of how secure email solutions might have been needed from a few organizations.

Let’s take the Wilmington City and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) in North Carolina to start with. BCBS, a healthcare provider, sent an email intended for Wilmington officials regarding personal information of 158 employees. The email included social security numbers, diagnoses and insurance claims details.

Unfortunately, the email was sent to the wrong municipality. A common error, but one you really don’t want to make when sending such personal information. Thankfully the recipient of the email immediately notified BCBS to their error and deleted the email, so hopefully no damage was done.

The other email issue in the news of late can not say the same. The charity, Our Revolution, was scammed out of $242,000 of funds, intended to support a protest for the Standing Rock Sioux Native American tribe.

The incident actually took place in 2016 but has only recently come to light. The hackers were able to carry out what has been described as a CEO impersonation scam. Our revolution said:

“[We] worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Our Revolution’s counsel and an independent cyber-security consultant in an effort to identify the thieves and to recover the funds but, unfortunately, these efforts were unsuccessful.”

Global Data Sentinel’s secure email solutions

Secure email solutions are a major part of our security ecosystem here at Global Data Sentinel, because we know it’s still a major part of most organizations’ operations.

Our encryption and identity management build a platform in which you can keep emails secure, ensuring only those approved can access emails, even when they have left your network. See, we provide a solution that lets encryption and security travel with your data.

With Global Data Sentinel, you can revoke emails once they have been sent by denying accessing to the encryption keys the recipient needs to access the email. That means if you do send an email to the wrong person – you can revoke and recall the email – preventing access to it.

Find out how we create a secure email platform for organizations within our security ecosystem.