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Laptop Data Breach Potentially Compromises Details of 37,000 Eir Customers

September 6, 2018

A potential laptop data breach has put the personal details of 37,000 Eir customers at risk. The telecommunications company based in Ireland notified customers last month a laptop was stolen from an employee while they were out of the office.

Laptop Data Breach Potentially Compromises Details of 37,000 Eir Customers

How did the laptop data breach happen?

The laptop data breach was the result of a simple robbery. It’s a reminder to all organizations that good data security is not all about the digital and cyber space. Especially as organizations become more accustomed to remote and on-the-go working, devices with potentially sensitive business information will be outside the realms of the secure office more often.

It’s thought the laptop stolen had the personal details of 37,000 customers, including names, email addresses and customer numbers. There’s no way to know what the robber intends to do with it. If they stole it simply to resell the laptop, they might wipe it and all those affected will have nothing to worry about.

However, while the laptop was password protected, it was not encrypted due to a security update flaw that Eir experienced a few days previous. That issue is now fixed. If the robber knew what he was stealing, there is a chance the customer data will become compromised.

Preventing a laptop data breach

You might not always be able to prevent the physical stealing of a laptop when employees are on the go, but you can take measures to more confidently prevent a laptop data breach should a device be taken.

With Global Data Sentinel, you can make the access to your organizations files on laptops, computers and all devices safer by using our identity management solutions. So even if the device falls into the wrong hands, they cannot access the data, because you employ strong multi-factor authentication. Here at Global Data Sentinel, we think the strongest multi-factor authentication make use of biometrics. A biometric like a fingerprint is far harder for hackers to compromise. It can’t be phished for or stolen in the same way a password or smartcard could for example.

Identity management and access control needs to be applied to your data at all times, no matter the device being used. Global Data Sentinel gives you that strong access control and encryption for your data wherever you are. Find out more.