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Fighting Ransomware with Data Backup

August 2, 2018

Data backup is the most vital component of a cyber security system looking to fight back against ransomware. Of course, it would be better to prevent malware infecting your systems in the first place, but to deal with it once it’s in your systems, data backup is what gives you a chance to recover and get back online quickly.

Fighting Ransomware with Data Backup

Hospital’s need for data backup

Data backup in hospitals is required especially. Unfortunately, healthcare remains a top target for cyber criminals. Cass Regional Medical Centre in Missouri found that out this month. The hospital was hit by a ransomware attack on 9 July that took down internal communication systems and patient health records. As a precaution, the hospital completely shut down their records system.

Ambulance patients were also diverted to other hospitals while the response team worked on getting systems back online. In a statement posted on the medical center’s Facebook page, Chris Lang, CEO, said:

“Our primary focus continues to be on our patients, and meeting our mission to provide health care services to our community. We are deploying every resource available to us to resolve this situation quickly so we can resume normal operations.”

Data backup quashing ransomware

Data backup is the key to recovering quickly. When you can revert to a time before being hit by ransomware, you can get back moving again. Fewer and fewer organizations are paying up when hit by ransomware now, and the bigger cost to them is the down time it causes rather than the fee demanded by hackers.

In fact, it’s thought that a combination of the resistance to paying up to ransomware and the growing prevalence of proper data backup solutions is causing hackers to turn away from ransomware. Cryptojacking has become more popular. This is where hackers use organizations’ computing power to mine cryptocurrencies for them without their knowledge.

Here at Global Data Sentinel, we believe backup and recovery is a vital part of a strong security ecosystem. Our approach to encryption makes backup a natural element of our solution. The comprehensive approach allows for quick and easy recovery from any attack or technical incident.

Hopefully, Cass Medical Centre had some kind of similar solution and has been able to recover from the incident. It’s another nasty reminder of the need for ransomware protection however, especially in the healthcare industry.