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What Different Types of Security Breaches are there?

March 21, 2019

There are a host of different types of security breaches that are a threat to organizations around the world. What are they and more importantly, how can organizations best prepare against them?

What Different Types of Security Breaches are there

The most common different types of security breaches

Different types of security breaches go in and out of fashion but here is a list of three of the most common types:


Malware comes in lots of different shapes and forms itself. But essentially, malware is malicious software planted on your network. It usually gets in via unwitting download, hidden in attachments downloads or emails.

In the last couple of years, ransomware has been the most popular form of malware. The software of ransomware encrypts organizations data and demands a ransom to receive the means to unlock the data. Other malware will just cause mischief and shut down systems, some will steal data and others simply help hackers spy.

Cryptojacking malware is perhaps the fastest growing form of malware. This sucks away computer power on your network to mine for different kinds of cryptocurrency.

Insider threats

The insider threat is when no malware is needed to steal data, and it comes in two main forms. Firstly, it could be rouge employees within your organization with a vendetta of sorts. They have the permissions to access your data, and deliberately steal or leak it to cause damage.

In other cases, hackers via social engineering and phishing techniques have learnt the log-in credentials of employees and business accounts. They can then seemingly legitimately log-in and cause all kinds of damage.

Human error

The last major cause of security breaches can’t be overlooked, and that is simple human error. Maybe files are uploaded or stored insecurely by accident, or an email is sent to the wrong person. There are lots of ways that security breaches can, and do, originate from simple mistakes. This is perhaps the hardest one for organizations to limit. It takes proper training and proper attitudes to security from everyone in a company, from top to bottom.

Dealing with different types of security breaches

Dealing with these different types of data breaches takes a combination of principles, solutions and attitudes from organizations. It requires strong oversight, control and management of your network. That means using multi-factor authentication to make insider threats harder. It means the extensive encryption protection of data individually, rather than a perimeter defense approach. And it means proper access control of employees to limit the chances of mistakes.

Global Data Sentinel can help organizations build the security ecosystem they need to deal with all the most common threats, and best of all, our solutions scale up and down. No matter the size of your organization, these types of security breaches are a threat, and no matter the size, GDS can help.