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Zynga and DoorDash hit by Data Breaches

October 8, 2019

At the end of last month, two major data breaches have been reported. Both Zynga and DoorDash suffered breaches that exposed the personal details of millions of customers.

Zynga and DoorDash hit by Data Breaches

Over 200 million Words with Friends users data stolen

The hacker behind the huge data breaches known as collection 1 and collection 2 we saw earlier in the year has returned. Gnosticplayers claims to have successfully breached into Zynga’s substantial player base. Zynga, the mobile game powerhouse confirmed they were investigating an outside hacker incident. Anyone who signed up to ‘Words with Friends’ before September 2019 could have had the personal data they input into the game breached.

That is as many as 200 million people affected. It is believed that no financial information was accessed but players’ personal details like names, email addresses, login IDs, hashed passwords, phone numbers and Facebook IDs where accessed.

DoorDash breach affects 4.9 million customers, what information was stolen?

The DoorDash hack dates back to May of this year and according to the company it originated from a weakness in a ‘third-party service provider’. Mattie Magdovitz, a spokesperson for Door Dash said:

“We immediately launched an investigation and outside security experts were engaged to assess what occurred.”

Unlike the Zynga breach, financial information was stolen alongside the usual personal information and hashed passwords. The last four digits of some customers cards were compromised, alongside the last four digits of bank account numbers belonging to delivery drivers and merchants.

Improving cyber security

Organizations’ need to take the steps to upgrade their cybersecurity infrastructure and protect their databases, because databases are not just a collection of files and numbers. They are a collection of customers’ personal records – when they get breached – real people suffer consequences.

Likewise, it’s not good enough for organizations to just blame a breach on a third-party incident. Safeguarding customers’ data should be important enough that organizations carefully consider their partnerships from a security point of view. They need to ensure they have secure means of collaborating with partners in order to prevent vulnerabilities.

Worst of all is when hacks are not discovered until months after they have happened. The tools and solutions are there for organizations if they seek them out. They can spot and stop data breaches early and protect their customers with solutions like Global Data Sentinel’s.

Organizations should take the steps today to protect against data breach. Why wait for an incident to strike before acting? Organizations should be proactive and make sure they are ready before it’s too late. That’s the best way to show true care for their customers and for good cyber security.

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