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Why Wait for a Security Incident?

October 24, 2019

Organizations of all sizes can be targets of cyber attacks. Unless your organization is prepared, sooner or later you will be the target of a cyber security incident in one way or another. Whatever you do, don’t wait until it happens to get your cyber security in order.

Why Wait for a Security Incident

IT budget growth response

One survey by Spiceworks showed how this reactive attitude can often be the case. In a survey of 1,000 technology buyers, it found cyber security was a top priority for at least 47 percent of those interviewed and 44 percent would be raising their IT budget in the next year. But more notably, one in four of the enterprises with over 1,000 employees, indicated that they were raising their IT budgets in direct response to a recent cyber security incident.

That’s not to say these organizations didn’t have some solutions and protocols in place before an incident took place, but it demonstrates clearly that if you don’t invest now, you will only end up having to do it in the future after being the target of an attack.

When an organization is hit by an attack, it can cause significant opportunity loss and downtime. It can cause damage to business partnerships, lose you customers, and damage reputation. And on top of that, ultimately your organization will have to improve its infrastructure to protect from future attacks.

Make cyber security a priority

Knowing what the necessary steps to improve cyber security are is not easy. That’s where cyber security experts like Global Data Sentinel can help. We know what the biggest threats to organizations are, what the most common security weaknesses are, and how to tackle them. Our cyber security ecosystem puts organizations back in control of their security.

Make cyber security a priority today, so it’s not a responsive cost in the future. Find out more here about the Global Data Sentinel approach.