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Why Use Biometric Security?

February 7, 2019

Organizations should really start considering switching to biometric security measures. Once again, we have seen how passwords can promote dangerous behaviors and be exploited in cyberattacks.

Why Use Biometric Security

Biometric security needed

The advantage of biometric security is that you, and you alone, can use your biometric fingerprint. Someone else can use your password if they discover it, but the same can’t be said for biometrics. It’s uniquely on your body.

A couple of recent incidents have shown once again how the use of passwords can lead to major problems. It likely stems from the recent Collection #1 leaked database that hit the news. A few sites as a result have now been suffering from credential stuffing attacks.

Both Reddit and Daily Motion in recent weeks have had to lock accounts and force password resets for a number of their users. Hackers are using leaked usernames and passwords to attempt to log-into people’s accounts in the hopes that people are reusing the same password across websites and accounts.

Hackers try a large number of combinations of usernames and passwords that have been previously stolen in attempts to compromise accounts elsewhere. And when people use the same weak password, it can lead to success.

Global Data Sentinel’s Biometric security

Biometric security is the way to go for organizations looking to provide a stronger alternative. Passwords can provide strong security, but they are reliant on the end-user committing to good practices. And in this day and age, when we all have to have literally hundreds of passwords, keeping up secure good practices is a hard challenge.

Biometric security puts the impetus back on the organization to provide the strong security. By putting security in fingertips, you put it back in safe hands.

Biometrics done in the right way, like we do here at Global Data Sentinel, ensures people’s privacy and security. And then from a user perspective, they are very convenient. Users don’t have to remember anything. Their fingerprint, that only they can use, is all they need.

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