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Time for Enterprise Data Protection in 2019

January 10, 2019

No matter what industry, no matter the size of an organization, in this day an age, enterprise data protection Is needed by all. It’s the platform on which successful operations can be carried out. Without it, organizations risk undermining all their other good work.

Time for Enterprise Data Protection in 2019

Why organizations need enterprise data protection

Enterprise data protection is what keeps businesses’ secrets. Information is power. Your secret information, findings, know-how, reports, and operations need to remain private to effectively carry out business and compete with your rivals in the market. If you’re an open book, and everyone knows everything about your company, your efforts will be greatly hamstrung. Enterprise data protection is about ensuring your systems are not broken into and your sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The flipside of enterprise data protection is the imperative to not only defend your data, but the data you might potentially hold on your customers. It’s just as vital to defend customer data as strongly and vigilantly as your own. When you get this wrong – as we see far too often – you risk reputational damage, lawsuits and regulatory fines.

Global Data Sentinel’s Enterprise Data Protection

Enterprise data protection needs to first and foremost keep outsider threats at bay. only approved individuals should be able to access your network, and subsequently access your data and files. Global Data Sentinel goes about achieving this by the use of identity management combined with strong individual encryption.

Identity management that uses biometrics and multi-factor authentication is a must. So many hacks and data breaches happen because of compromised log-in credentials. I’s not good enough if all it takes to get into your systems is for one person to slip-up and have their password phished or stolen.

Global data sentinel goes further though. We individually encrypt and protect every file and use the identity management system to control access to each of those files. What that means is that if an account did become compromised, hackers would not suddenly have access to everything. Each file is still individually protected. And when the hacker tried to access what they shouldn’t, their presence on your system would be found quickly.

This individual approach to encryption helps in the fight against outside attackers, but also helps organizations defend against potential insider threats. Keeping files on a need to know basis easily through encryption and identity management means that sensitive files can not be accessed by everyone in the organization. This limitation on access results in lower levels of risk for your organization.

In 2019, avoid being the next organization caught up in data breach headlines by investing and employing enterprise data protection solutions today.