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The Power to Revoke Access Vital to Cyber Security

July 18, 2019

The ability to revoke access is an important component in any organization’s attempt to build strong internal security operations and foster strong working relationships with external partners. Global Data Sentinel’s security ecosystem facilitates this need emphatically. We allow organizations to always remain in charge of who can or cannot access their data.

The Power to Revoke Access Vital to Cyber Security

Track and limit access

Through encryption and identity management, Global Data Sentinel helps organizations create networks they have complete control of. Organizations can track everything that is going on in their systems. They can see who has access to what and when they access it. The encryption and distribution of encryption keys via identity management allows for a holistic look at an organization’s systems.

If an organization sees an account acting in away that is unexpected or dangerous, they can revoke access to that account instantly. AI and machine learning can help detect such suspicious activity immediately and either shut down access or notify IT staff to investigate. The tracking capabilities help ensure internal security.

But the ability to control and revoke access to files in the first place creates a security ecosystem that minimizes the potential damage that can be done. If organizations keep files on a need to know basis – and no more, they reduce the risk of files being inappropriately or mistakenly shared where they should not be.

Collaborate safely over email

The ability to revoke access ensures secure internal operations but can also be extended outside an organization’s network and be effective when working with partners.

Emails that you send using the Global Data Sentinel email client are secure. Through the distribution of encryption keys, you can ensure only your intended recipients are the ones who can access the email and any attachments. If the sender changes their mind or wants to limit the amount of time the email and attachments can be viewed, they can revoke access instantly. The same security is applied even if an email is forwarded to others.

The ability to revoke access is helpful for internal and external working processes. Organizations should make sure they are not overlooking it.