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System Downtime: The Overlooked Cost of Poor Cyber Security

July 2, 2019

The ability to recover from system downtime is a huge part of what should make up an organization’s cyber security. But it’s a part of security far too often overlooked, underfunded and ignored. Organizations need good backup and recovery solutions for when things go wrong becasue good cyber security takes no chances and prepares for the worst.

System Downtime: The Overlooked Cost of Poor Cyber Security

The tangible costs of downtime

By system downtime, we mean when services and systems within an organization are offline, unavailable and not working. Naturally, the longer these periods last, the more time is wasted. Employees simply can’t get on with their work and an organization’s reputation can start to be damaged. Downtime causes inefficiencies, and undoubtedly drains organizations of money. So why is it overlooked?

The damage caused by downtime needs to be reframed for the CxO level of organizations. Talking about the intangible costs of downtime will not inspire action to tackle the problem. Factors such as worker inefficiency, reputational damage and opportunity lost cannot be quantified. IT departments need to explain and focus on the tangible costs downtime can cause.

Has downtime of a system prevented the acceptance of payments by customers? Has it stopped the ability for the company to send out invoices? Is the downtime at a peak time for operations and transactions? Will the downtime lead customers to turn to competitors?

When building the case for system downtime recovery tools, it’s better to focus on the end users and their ability to do business, rather than internal inconveniences.

The costs of downtime is what CxOs truly care about – revenue loss, poor customer experiences and additional costs. This is not to say the intangible costs are not real, but it is not what will compel action.

How to keep your systems running

So how do you go about properly addressing system downtime. The key is in strong backup and recovery solutions. Full file versioning and data recovery is how organizations can gain comprehensive disaster recovery, and business continuity. True backups that can be restored without overwriting current versions.

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