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Study Demonstrates Need for Healthcare Security

October 1, 2019

A new study has shown just how important healthcare security is. Examining data from the last 10 years and from over 1,000 incidents, the research showed that it is not just the quantity of data, but the type of data exposed that is a real problem.

Study Demonstrates Need for Healthcare Security

Healthcare security vital

Healthcare security has long been a big problem. The research by Michigan State and John Hopkins University published in the Annals of Internal Medicine combed through 1,461 data breaches in US healthcare between 2009 and 2019.

That’s a large number of data breaches and there are few reasons healthcare institutions remain a major target. Healthcare organizations collect personal sensitive data on all kinds of people across the spectrum of society. They harbor a wealth of data that cyber criminals would love to get their hands on. From the data stolen, fraud and identity theft-based attacks can be created.

Healthcare organizations can also find themselves a target of hacks and ransomware quite often because of the data they hold. Downtime is a serious problem with serious consequence, and they can’t afford to be offline for long.

It is imperative healthcare organizations have the best and most robust data security operations to protect sensitive personal information.

Protecting all data

Sensitive demographic or financial information that could be used for identity theft was compromised in 70 percent of healthcare security incidents according to the study. To be precise, 186 of the breaches over the 10 years affected financial information.

Any compromised information that could lead to identity theft is a big issue. Lead author of the study, Xuefeng Jiang, said:

“The main message for hospitals and health care providers is, if you have limited resources to safeguard information, you should put more emphasis on the sensitive kinds of information that can be sold on the dark web.”

The ideal situation is of course to give all data the highest level of protection, no matter what it is. Any weak spot can be taken advantage of by hackers. The best approach is to create a system that can defend all organizations’ data equally.

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