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State Legislation Demands Greater Computer Security Measures

July 4, 2019

The need for organizations to improve their computer security measures has never been greater. Not only are the threats from hackers getting bigger, but state legislation changes dictate that improvements are needed.

State Legislation Demands Greater Computer Security Measures

State legislation for 2019

Organizations across nine states of the nation will be looking to ensure their computer security measures are up to scratch. New data breach notification laws have been passed in Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas and Washington in 2019 alone.

The legislation across the nine states enacts a range of new demands on organizations. Some lower the threshold for which a data breach has to meet before it must be reported to relevant authorities. In Illinois for example, if a breach affects more than 500 Illinois residents, the attorney general must be notified.

Some dictate that credit monitoring services must be offered to victims of breaches that affect social security numbers, like in Massachusetts. While others have expanded what the definition of ‘personal information’ means, widening the scope of what must be reported to the authorities.

In New York state there is now an obligation for businesses to meet certain standards when it comes to protecting consumer information. Reasonable safeguards have to be in place, such as employee training and security testing.

Improving computer security measures

The new legislation that is becoming more common place is an incentive to organizations, but strong computer security measures should be something all organizations strive to achieve. The extra damage caused by not complying with government is just extra salt in the wounds compared to the damage poor cyber security can cause to organizations.

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