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State Governments Standing Up to Ransomware

September 17, 2019

Ransomware attacks have been a real problem this year, particularly for state and local governments. Numerous towns and departments have been hit all across the US. Some of the most recent attacks have had better outcomes.

State Governments Standing Up to Ransomware

Organizations refusing to pay ransoms

There has been news recently of two ransomware attacks where neither resulted in ransoms being paid to the hackers. In a ransomware attack, hackers infect your network and encrypt files. They then try and scare organizations into paying a ransom, with the threat of deleting their files.

In Texas and Massachusetts, two of these attacks against local government failed to illicit any ransom. Organizations are learning that paying up is not the solution.

In Texas, 22 Government agencies were hit by the ransomware attack, but now over half of them are back online, operating as usual – not a cent has been paid. And in New Bedford Massachusetts, the town was able to use stalling tactics with the hacker, buying them time to route the attack out.

Dealing with ransomware

Organizations have learnt that paying up doesn’t work for a couple of reasons. For one, it only encourages hackers to repeat the tactic elsewhere. Not too mention, it marks you out as a target who will pay up for different attackers.

Secondly, the public perception has changed in the wake of excessive attacks this year. People do not want to hear about their local government paying ransom demands. It’s not a good investment of public funds. They would much rather see that money spent on improved cyber security capabilities.

It’s great to see more organizations are standing up to ransomware attackers. That can only be done if they have the infrastructure to fight back.

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