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Secure Collaboration Becoming a Business Necessity

June 20, 2019

Secure collaboration is a vital part of today’s working world. Organizations need ways of sharing data with multiple ecosystems inside and outside their organizations, in any location and on any device. They need it to be simple, fast and seamless. More and more, organizations are realizing that it can’t come at the cost of security.

Secure Collaboration Becoming a Business Necessity

Smooth internal operations

Secure collaboration is first and foremost needed internally within organizations. Organizations need to be able to work on projects with colleagues effortlessly, but also securely. So many data breaches still contain an element of an insider threat. Someone internally might insecurely share data, or their account may become compromised without anyone realizing. Hackers might be what inspires fear, and is perceived as the biggest danger, but the insider threat is just as common and can be just as damaging.

Organizations need secure ways to control data access, and to control what users can do with the data once they access it. Here at Global Data Sentinel, through a combination of strong identity management, and the distribution of encryption keys, we ensure data is only accessible by those an organization approves. It’s zero-trust network access. Access to privately encrypted data is only allowed once a person’s access, rights, and identity have been verified.

What’s important is that the process is seamless and smooth. If it’s frustrating in any way, users will try to get around it to improve convenience even if it increases the vulnerability of data. There is no way to circumvent Global Data Sentinel’s protection, but it’s still vital the protection given to data does not stifle the collaboration process.

In this day and age, that means ensuring data security works for employees wherever they are – even if it is on their own devices in a BYOD approach. Thankfully, the GDS client extends its security easily to personal devices, ensuring security wherever users access data.

Secure collaboration with third parties

Collaborating with other organization has become just as important in the business world. The need to share data could open up the possibility for more attacks on data when it is in a vulnerable state. Therefore, organizations need to ensure the same level of security when working with third parties. A Zero-trust network approach like Global Data Sentinel’s is key.

The GDS unique approach encryption allows organization’s protection to travel with their data at all times. They have complete control of who has access to their data, and can revoke that access at any time. Additionally, they can control what recipients can do with their data, and prevent them from sharing it further or editing it.

A zero-trust network access approach increases the flexibility, agility and scalability of organization’s system, without having to expose services directly to the internet. Organization’s data remains hidden from discovery at all times when they are granting access to partners. The process is kept from public visibility and exposure, reducing the risk of attack.

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