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Two Reasons Organizations Need Secure Data Management

January 31, 2019

Secure data management should be a requirement of all organizations. It doesn’t matter how big you are, how small, how global or how many employees you have. All organizations need to be on top of who has access to the data on their system for one obvious reason and one sometimes overlooked.

Two Reasons Organizations Need Secure Data Management

Secure data management that protects hackers

Naturally organizations need secure data management to keep outside hackers out. We see so often how hackers are able to break into organizations network and steal their data and the data of their customers. The worst thing any organization could think is, ‘oh it won’t be us’. That’s dangerous. All organizations can be a target for these kinds of attacks.

What organizations need is secure ways of ensuring that only approved individuals and no one else can access their systems. And let’s get it out the way now, passwords alone are no longer enough. So many hacks are still successful these days because one password got phished, exposed or discovered. You’re shooting yourself in the foot if that’s the way you protect access to your network.

No, what organizations need Is secure ways to identify who is in their system. And they need to control access to every file hosted in that system. That’s what we do here at Global Data Sentinel through identity management combined with extensive encryption that is uniquely placed on each file.

Through the use of multi-factor authentication using biometrics, organizations can ensure only their approved users can gain access. The multi-factor approach is important to stop the phishing of a password being the source of a major breach. Plus, biometric fingerprints provide a log-in method that can’t be phished for online.

Secure data management that limits internal risks

Secure data management first and foremost keeps unapproved individuals out. But secondly and just as an important part of secure data management, is understanding what is going on in your system exactly. And subsequently having total control of it.

With Global Data Sentinels identity management system, you can maintain oversight and control of what every user on your system is doing and accessing. You importantly have control over what each user can access too. This limitation can be a great way to reduce risk.

Say an account of a low-level employee was somehow compromised. Your control over what they can access ensures high level important documents can’t be accessed because the file was kept on a need to know basis. They never had the encryption key to unlock those files. When that account attempts to access files it doesn’t have rights to, red flags can be raised immediately for you to investigate.

Crucially, what users can access can be modified on the fly. In a scenario where an employee is leaving the company, you can quickly revoke access to files no longer needed by that person, eliminating risk. You need secure data management to protect from external threats, but you also need it to protect from insider ones too. Don’t forget that important part of cyber security when looking for solutions today.