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State Governments Standing Up to Ransomware

September 17, 2019

Ransomware attacks have been a real problem this year, particularly for state and local governments. Numerous towns and departments have been hit all across the US. Some of the most recent attacks have had better outcomes.Organizations refusing...

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Backup and Recovery Essential to Combat Ransomware Threat

August 29, 2019

Backup and recovery solutions for organizations are absolutely vital. They help minimize disruption, keep operations online, and ensure business can carry on as usual. With the revival and increase of ransomware attacks we have seen in 2019, such solutions are more important tha...

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Backup and Recovery Needed in face of Growing Ransomware Attacks

July 30, 2019

This summer has not been good following an outbreak of ransomware attacks. While it seemed for a while that hackers were switching to crypto-jacking tactics, ransomware has undergone an unwelcome resurgence in the last few months with a number of attacks against local government organizations. The need for strong, secure, backup and recovery...

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Georgia Court System Hit by Ransomware

July 16, 2019

The threat of ransomware has been all too apparent this year. Attacks against State government seems to have increased the most. Georgia and its court system are the latest to find themselves victims to such attacks.Georgia latest...

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Baltimore Ransomware Attack Continues to Disrupt

June 25, 2019

The Baltimore ransomware attack started at the beginning of May. Unfortunately, estimating when the incident will be over is harder. While many systems have been recovered at this point, disruption continues.What happened in the Baltimore ransomware attack?...

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