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New Spate of Ransomware Attacks Strike

May 14, 2019

We see a lot of data security issues across industries, countries and organizations. It’s not hard to find news every week of the latest hack of security incident. What are some of the most common issues and how can they be combatted?

New Spate of Ransomware Attacks Strike

Taking services down

A2 Hosting was perhaps the latest big target of ransomware attacks. Reportedly, via a database center in Singapore, the provider of virtual private servers and WordPress hosting service was infiltrated.

Ransomware goes about causing damage by encrypting and locking files, making them inaccessible to users. They then demand a ransom to undo the encryption and allow access back to the files.

A2 Hosting’s service has been down for many customers, slowly but surely, through the use of backups, service has been restored. Unfortunately, the back-ups for some customers’ accounts have been outdated, erasing months of content and data from their servers.

The attack against A2 has not been the only reported incident in recent weeks, with ransomware attacks across the globe via a new strain called MegaCortex reported as well. Organizations clearly need the solutions to protect against the data security threats.

How to prevent ransomware attacks?

Global Data Sentinel’s security ecosystem gives organizations all the tools they need to combat Ransomware attacks. We combine behavioral analysis, tamper-proof auditing and version control to detect, contain and repair any ransomware attack.

Our comprehensive encryption of individual files lends itself to effective and tamper-proof tracking capabilities. Ransomware activity would be discovered and shut down fast with the Global Data Sentinel solution.

Should hackers successfully encrypt your data, our version control and backup solutions would provide the keys to get back online fast. The biggest cost of ransomware can often not be the ransom hackers demand, but the cost of downtime. Our solution lets you get back up and running as fast as possible. We are constantly making backups of all your files, so you can recall them at an instance notice.

Ransomware is not the hot topic in cyber security anymore, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t joined the growing list of threats you need to be prepared to defend against.