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Prevent Email Data Breach

June 6, 2019

Email data breach remains a major source of the data security issues organizations face. You need the right approach to protect your email communications from hackers, the know-how to operate safely, and the tools to protect yourself.

Prevent Email Data Breach

Zero-knowledge encryption communications

The Global Data Sentinel solution helps combat email data breach first and foremost with its encryption backed solutions. Our unique endpoint identity management and encryption technology keeps data fully protected. We provide true zero-knowledge protection through our enterprise level solutions. Only approved individuals and groups can access the data. Even admins can’t get through this defense, ensuring information is shared with those with the true rights to view.

This idea remains true during collaboration. The Global Data Sentinel client extends that protection to your email. The high level of protection is not just for when data is at rest, but travels with your data at all times. If your emails were intercepted or accessed from the many email servers it will pass through in its journey, they and any attachments will remain encrypted and inaccessible. Only the intended recipients of your emails are able to read them.

Proper email data breach training

We protect against email data breach on emails you send out of your organization. But we also help detect and stop incoming threats.

It’s important that organizations give employees proper training. Employees should always remain cautious when receiving emails. They need to be aware of the dangers of social engineering and phishing attacks.

Should an email successfully deliver an attack against your organization, Global Data Sentinel’s auditing, behavioral analysis and highly secure integration with the organizations existing DLP solutions will help detect it and expel it fast. It’s a combination of know-how and solutions that defends against incoming malicious emails.

Ultimate control of your data

Email data breach does not always come from malicious hackers. A lot of the time, the issues with emails come from human error. Maybe the wrong person is copied into an email, or maybe the wrong file is attached.

Those kind of data breaches can be just as damaging to organizations in the long run. That’s why the Global Data Sentinel email client gives you options to prevent and rectify these kind of mistakes.

Only approved individuals can receive and open your emails. If you approved the wrong person – revoking their permission to the email is easy, using our true revoke technology. They would simply no longer be able to access the encryption key needed to open the email. In practice, that means you can revoke access to any email you have sent, correcting any wrong attachment or wrong recipient error. More importantly, the tamper proof audit technology will let you see if the information has already been read and by whom.

You can control permissions to a more granular level for the recipient too. You could prevent their ability to forward the email, or perhaps send attachments that are read only.

Protect your organization from email data breach with the implementation of the Global Data Sentinel Security Ecosystem.