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Is You Organization’s Cyber Security in Order?

October 17, 2019

Is your organization truly ready to face today’s cyber security threats? If an attack struck tomorrow, do you have the cyber security infrastructure in place that would detect the intrusion, expunge it from your system and recover your systems without wasting any time? The truth is, many organizations wait until it’s too late...

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IT Budget Spending Increasing Drastically

October 15, 2019

The IT budgets of organizations are on the rise. In a Tech Republic survey, 9 percent of respondents indicated their IT budget exceeded $20 million for 2019. In the latest survey for 2020 budgets, 26 percent indicated they would spend more than...

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How to Reduce the Internal Security Threat

October 3, 2019

Cyberattacks and data breaches make the headlines daily. That’s understandable, because it is a big problem. However, many of the data incidents we see, even when they involve an outside hacker is usually caused by employees’ errors and m...

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Why Identity Management Needs to go Beyond Passwords

September 27, 2019

Identity management that reliably and securely authenticates users on your systems is a must for organizations in this day and age. If you don’t have a strong approach, you make yourself vulnerable, exposed and a target for h...

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Unsecured Database of Car Buyers Found Online

September 25, 2019

Last week, an unsecured database that contained the personal information of millions of potential car buyers was found online unprotected. Not a week goes by without stories of data breaches and leaks of this sort – cyber security clearly needs to be taken more ser...

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