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Is You Organization’s Cyber Security in Order?

October 17, 2019

Is your organization truly ready to face today’s cyber security threats? If an attack struck tomorrow, do you have the cyber security infrastructure in place that would detect the intrusion, expunge it from your system and recover your systems without wasting any time? The truth is, many organizations wait until it’s too late to get their security in order.

Is You Organization’s Cyber Security in Order

Cyber security novices

One report by insurance company Hiscox looked at small to large businesses across the US, UK, and mainland Europe. In all the surveyed regions, more than 50 percent had experienced a cyber attack in the last year. Clearly cyber attacks are not uncommon. Yet the same survey deemed that in every region, more than 70 percent of the companies were cyber security novices.

In effect, the survey concluded that companies do not have the expertise, right infrastructure, policies, approach or techniques in place to deal with attacks.

In the US alone, out of the 1000 companies interviewed, 73% were deemed novices. If you’re dealing with security incidents as they come, have no response strategy in place, with a small budget, little staff training and are not making cyber security an important factor in every business decision, partnership and endeavor, then you are likely a cyber security novice.

The bigger cost?

No one is saying cyber security is easy. There is a lack of knowledge and experience across the board. Not every business can have the top cyber security professionals and talent. What every organization can invest in is proper cyber security solutions that help them head in the right direction.

The same Hiscox survey found that the average cost of a cyber security attack is $369,000. That’s just the financial cost. Attacks can damage relationships with business partners and hurt your reputation with consumers. It’s sensible to start investing in proper cyber security solutions that prevent attacks, rather than facing the unpredictable consequences after.

Don’t be a cyber security novice. Organizations need experts, like Global Data Sentinel. We help organizations simply integrate a data management security ecosystem into organizations existing operations. Through extensive encryption, identity management, backup and recovery and AI, we have a ready-made security solution that is available to utilize. We help you deal with the growing threat, meet legal requirements, and close the knowledge and technological gap in your organizations quickly.

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