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Importance of Data Protection Shown So Far this Year

April 11, 2019

The importance of data protection for your organization has never been stronger. Each year, we hold out hope that organizations across the world will take heed of the countless warnings, and improve their cyber security operations, solutions and attitudes. Has that happened in 2019?

Importance of Data Protection Shown So Far this Year

Importance of data protection no matter the size

Has the importance of data protection hit home yet? The answer would have to be no. Now we are not saying data protection is easy. But organizations need to start being as vigilant as hackers and cyber criminals if we are to reverse the tide. So far in 2019 – that’s not happened. And we have seen that at organizations of all sizes and types.

We’ve seen data leaks and issues in some of the biggest companies in the world, like Facebook. Millions of passwords were revealed to be stored insecurely and in plain text inside the organization.

We’ve seen healthcare organizations continue to be regular targets of attacks. The amount of personal data they collect and their need to always be online makes them a prime target. Some 300,000 people were hit in a breach at UConn health back in March.

And it’s not just public companies that are targets. Government infrastructure both big and small is a target. We’ve seen the Australian Government and the German Government both be the targets of cyber attacks this year but also state departments across the U.S have suffered breaches.

Taking the right approach

What it all points to, is the cyber security threat has gone nowhere in 2019. In fact, more than ever the importance of data protection solutions has only grown. Here at Global Data Sentinel, we help equip organizations with the tools, solutions and technology to tackle cyber security issues.

But of most importance, is that organizations start taking cyber security seriously. In 2019, cyber security needs to be a cornerstone of all organizations. It’s not something that is just the sole responsibility of the IT team, off in the corner. No, cyber security needs to be the platform for good business. That means executive interest in cyber security, that inspires a culture of strong security from top to bottom of an organization.

Our solutions give organizations all the tools they need to approach cyber security in the right way. A way that takes no chances. Find out more.