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Why Secure Identity Management is Integral to Cyber Security

August 22, 2019

Strong and secure identity management needs to be part of any robust cyber security system. So often we still see hacks and data breaches that come from employee accounts that are compromised and taken over.

Why Secure Identity Management is Integral to Cyber Security

Multi-factor authentication

Identity management is all about ensuring that only those with the right permissions are on your system and able to access your data. In order maintain a network that only has approved individuals, the most reliable method is to not rely on one authentication method. Multi-factor authentication is imperative.

We have all been on websites that offer multi-factor authentication to us, and it’s a great way to up the security of your online accounts. For organizations internally, such an approach does exactly the same. With multi-factor identity authentication you can help keep your systems safe. It’s not really good enough in 2019 for one leaked password to result in a major hack.

Multi-Factor Authentication is the foundation of the Global Data Sentinel system. Multi-factor authentication combines something you know (a password, PIN etc), soemthing you have (a device, smartcard etc) and something you are (a biometric fingerpint, iris scan etc) to create an extremely secure log-in procedure.

Security without hassle

You do not rely on just usernames and passwords to protect against cyber-attacks with multi-factor authentication. By including a biometric element, you can guarantee the person logging in is who they say they are. No one can steal your fingerprint over the internet. It can’t be socially engineered, and it can’t be phished for.

The great thing about the fingerprint biometric element is the level of security it adds without making the system cumbersome and clunky. There is nothing complicated about requesting a fingerprint scan for log-in. It’s not something extra employees have to remember. And it’s not something they can accidentally leave in the car or even share with others. It just takes a second to scan a fingerprint.

It’s a simple and convenient way of adding an extra layer of security. Keeping your networks under your control and only accessed by those you approve is the first step towards building strong cyber security.