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How to Reduce the Internal Security Threat

October 3, 2019

Cyberattacks and data breaches make the headlines daily. That’s understandable, because it is a big problem. However, many of the data incidents we see, even when they involve an outside hacker is usually caused by employees’ errors and mistakes.

How to Reduce the Internal Security Threat

How strong is your internal security?

The amount of internal security issues is likely well under reported. One study by IEEE Security and Privacy, estimated that 70 percent of insider attack are not reported externally outside of an organization. It might not make the news as much, but when human employees make errors that expose data, that can be just as damaging as when hackers get into your systems.

The Ponemon society estimated that the average cost of an insider-based breach was $513,000 in 2018.

Solutions to manage and minimize internal breaches and improve security should be a priority for organizations. Without it, your best assets, your workforce, can end up costing organizations thousands of dollars.

Complete tracking and reporting with GDS

To improve internal security, organizations need systems that ensure employees are not the weak link. That comes first and foremost by instilling an attitude that takes cyber security seriously. If the CxO team don’t take cyber security seriously, why should everyone else? That means investing in cyber security and investing time into teaching best practices and raising awareness.

Organizations need to cut out silly errors, like opening unknown attachments or links. Global Data Sentinel gives organizations the tools to create a security ecosystem that protects their data at all times and eliminate the risk of leaks.

All data is given the best security through a system that combines identity management and encryption solutions. To reduce internal threats orgnazations need complete tracking and reporting which is embedded in the GDS system.

Every action taken by every user on your systems is tracked and documented. Unsafe practices can be identified and stopped. Additionally, AI learns the usual patterns of behaviors of each user. When something out of the ordinary takes place – the AI system will notice and intervene – either alerting the admin or shutting down access of the account if the behavior is worrisome.

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