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How to Elevate Email Security

September 12, 2019

Most organizations rely on email in one way or another. It’s become an integral part of business operations. The fact is, emails are a major source of data security incidents. Through hacks, lapsed protocols and human errors, emails can often be the weak link in cyber security.

How to Elevate Email Security

The solution to protecting email is data security that travels with the communications. It’s vital to have secure communications within a company and to external partners, and encryption gives that protection to any sensitive information at both ends, ensuring email including attachments remain for the senders and receivers’ eyes only.

Preventing human error

To illustrate how email is a source of issues, take a look at a recent incident that afflicted the NHS in the UK. The Charring Cross Gender Identity Clinic accidentally sent an email to 2,000 participants without blind copying all the recipients. It resulted in a major data leak of very private information, revealing the participants involvement at the clinic.

It’s by no means a unique case – such incidents can be found all throughout the year. Juniper Research in a recent report found that 34 percent of breaches come from such human errors.

In the NHS incident, an email was sent soon after with the correct privacy settings – but it was too late – the damage was done. This kind of error requires better training to prevent such human error.

With a solution like Global Data Sentinel’s, incidents like this will be greatly reduced. GDS’s email client enhances organizations email security. All emails and contents are encrypted. The recipients of the emails need an encryption key to unlock and see the emails contents. This set-up allows for revocable emails. So, when the wrong person gets emailed, organizations can simply revoke their access to the encryption key, preventing them from reading the email.

Controlling your data wherever it resides

Global Data Sentinel’s encrypted email set-up goes beyond just being able to revoke sent emails. Our solutions give complete control of an organization’s data wherever it is. In terms of emails, that means organizations can limit what recipients can do with emails and their attachments.

GDS’s capability to send email in a read-only mode prohibits download, screen shot, printing, copying or forwarding abilities of the recipient. If misuse is detected, tamper-proof auditing allows the sending organization to investigate exactly who, where and when the data was accessed – providing accurate intel on the level of data exposure.

Through GDS, organizations can ensure compliance with secure, tracked and audited emails. Email remains a major source of data security incidents. Find out how Global Data Sentinel can help organizations tighten up their security and prevent such issues.