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How Reporting & Tracking Hunts Down Data Misuse

July 25, 2019

Data misuse is something organizations simply cannot allow. Whether it is internal operations resulting in unsafe and unsanctioned use of data, or hostile attackers breaking in, data misuse is a big problem for organizations. It can result in downtime, damaged reputation, and regulatory issues.

How Reporting & Tracking Hunts Down Data Misuse

How to implement effective Reporting & Tracking

The only way to stop data misuse is to have an effective Reporting & Tracking system in place that monitors user actions and alerts you of any threats. A tamper-proof audit trail allows the data owner to view how each employee, and external partners are accessing and utilizing files. All data movement is fully audited and reported back to the data owner.

The security ecosystem that Global Data Sentinel help organizations develop allow for this. All data in a Global Data Sentinel system is encrypted individually. Each piece of data is given its own complete defense, rather than only relying on a firewall to keep malicious attacks out. Whether private, public or even knows as compromised, data protected by GDS remains safe even if stolen or exfiltrated.

Every single interaction with a file is recorded and monitored. This means that you have complete oversight, reporting and tracking of your data at all times, preventing data misuse.

Stopping data misuse

Data encryption ensures that data is kept on a need-to-know basis. Sensitive information is only accessible by the people who need it. This approach from the start limits possible vulnerabilities.

If someone without the required encryption keys tried to access data they didn’t have rights to, the Global Data Sentinel AI monitoring would notify the data owner instantly. Any suspicious user behavior is tracked and sent to the data owner or designated person by the data owner to investigate. The system quickly learns what is usual behavior so it can detect when an employee is acting suspiciously, or an account has potentially been compromised.

Limits can be set to immediately shut down accounts when the behavior that is being tracked is particularly suspicious. If numerous attempts to download data were attempted in very quick succession for example, the system would detect that and shut down the account.

Stop data misuse in your organization through extensive Reporting & Tracking. Find out more.