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Biggest Growing Network Security Threats

March 14, 2019

The network security threats growing at the fastest rate are those posed by the Internet of Things (IoT). And there is one simple reason it is the biggest growing threat. IoT technology is all about connecting all kinds of devices to the internet and each other. By its very nature, it is technology that exponentially multiples the entry points of attack.

Biggest Growing Network Security Threats

IoT network Security threats

IoT network security threats will be a major focus in the coming years. Organizations will need to ensure all their security standards are disseminated to all devices connected to the IoT. And it won’t be an easy task at all. Gartner for example estimates by 2020 there will be 26 billion devices connected on IoT systems.

IoT will bring efficiency, greater levels of data and other benefits. But it certainly poses a risk. And you might think:

“oh well, it doesn’t really matter if a hacker breaks into a connected device like a Fridge or Microwave – what damage is that really going to cause us? We can cope without last night’s dinner reheated.”

That’s a dangerous stance. Hackers are looking for vulnerabilities, places they can get their toe in to then launch bigger attacks. A connected fridge might not have much sensitive information, but it’s infiltration can be the gateway to compromising more important parts of your network. You’re only as strong as your weakest link when it comes to cyber security.

5G Network Security Threats

What is complicating the IoT revolution and increasing the potential network security threats is the launch of 5G technology.

New 5G technology will deliver faster and more powerful solutions than ever before. But it again complicates the security proposition. Not only do organizations have to get to terms with the growing number of devices connected to their network, it will be managed over new 5G networks in many instances.

Without proper regulation, upgrading of hardware and software, the introduction of 5G technology will again increase the number of vulnerabilities and potential attack points for organizations. New technology always comes with adaption periods, and in that time, the threat could be bigger to organizations who are not on top of their security.

IoT and 5G technology should bring a net positive to businesses around the world. But organizations need to take proper precautions in their implementation to avoid growing pains. That means taking no chances with your data, extending your best security to every device connected, and keeping on top of adapting security requirements for hardware and software.