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How to Reduce the Internal Security Threat

October 3, 2019

Cyberattacks and data breaches make the headlines daily. That’s understandable, because it is a big problem. However, many of the data incidents we see, even when they involve an outside hacker is usually caused by employees’ errors and m...

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True Zero-Knowledge Encryption to Enhance PKI

September 19, 2019

PKI (public key infrastructure) is the framework of encryption most famous for protecting communications between a website and its users. It is a strong principle to work from and allows for strong and versatile encryption solutions. However, how can it be elevated to the next...

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How to Elevate Email Security

September 12, 2019

Most organizations rely on email in one way or another. It’s become an integral part of business operations. The fact is, emails are a major source of data security incidents. Through hacks, lapsed protocols and human errors, emails can often be the weak link in cyber sec...

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Are Organizations Doing Enough to Prevent Data Breach?

August 8, 2019

How can an organization best prevent future data breaches from happening? We often we see organizations fail at the first obstacle. They don’t even know a data breach attack is taking place. How can you prevent a breach if you don’t have the right cybersecurity software to ...

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Equifax Data Breach Reaches Settlement Conclusion

August 6, 2019

The settlement for the Equifax data breach of 2017 has been agreed by the FTC. It is the largest of its kind ever agreed by the agency and could see Equifax pay up to $700m in compensation.Credit monitoring or a $125 pay...

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