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Why Email Security Solutions are Vital to Cyber Security

August 16, 2018

Email security solutions are so important to keep safe and the reason why is pretty obvious. So much of today’s collaboration, communication and work takes place over email. The emails of the world are full of valuable information hackers and extortionist would love t...

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Email Security and Encryption Becomes a Must

July 5, 2018

Email security and encryption is required by any organization that takes security seriously. No business succeeds in a vacuum anymore. Collaboration with others is necessary and email is still a primary way such work is carried out. So how can organizations make email...

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US Marines Data Security Breach Caused by Lack of Encryption

March 13, 2018

The details of roughly 21,000 people have potentially been compromised in a data security breach emanating from the US Marine’s travel department. This is an example of how when things go wrong internally, it can be just as dangerous as a malicious...

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Human Error Creates Cyber Security Nightmare for Local Council in UK

January 25, 2018

A local government council in Britain has caused a serious data breach. The personal details of thousands of people were accidently shared with 27 companies, in an incident that has raised questions about Leicester council’s cyber security and how organizations as a whole can protect the information being shared with external ...

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The Importance of Email Encryption for Enterprise

June 30, 2015

Email encryption ensures enterprises give communications the highest level of security they deserve. No matter our job, so many of us spend a significant portion of our working day dedicated to email. As such, a huge proportion of business takes place over email. Its security is worthy of major attention and consideration and...

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