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Data Security Methods Needed to Combat Unauthorized Access

November 8, 2018

The need for better data security methods could not be more apparent across industries. Not a week goes by in which you cannot find stories about unauthorized access suffered by one organization or another. Keeping external hackers out is only one part of good cyber security, but it’s time that across the board, levels of security were improved.

Data Security Methods Needed to Combat Unauthorized Access

Data Security Methods a must

Data security methods that ensure only approved individuals can gain access to sensitive systems are a must. So often hacks and incidents come about because hackers compromise log-in credentials and gain access to where they shouldn’t.

In the last week, in Europe, the Eurostar service announced that it had detected unauthorized access in its systems with hackers attempting to steal usernames and passwords. It reset all account passwords as a response. And similarly, here in the US, the Hotel group, Radisson announced a breach that took place at the start of October. Radisson said:

“This data security incident did not compromise any credit card or password information. Our ongoing investigation has determined that the information accessed was restricted to member name, address (including country of residence), email address, and in some cases, company name, phone number, Radisson Rewards member number and any frequent flyer numbers on file.”

Thankfully in both cases no credit card information was stolen – but the consistent breach of personal information we see across industries is worrying and can be potentially damaging when it leads to cases of identity theft and fraud for those affected.

The best data security methods

Here at Global Data Sentinel, we provide data security methods that can help organizations regain control of their systems and networks. Our data security methods ensure that only those approved and no one else has access to your files, and on top of that, every single file is protected individually. We provide an approach that takes no chances with any of your data. The data security methods we use to achieve this include extensive identity management that makes use of biometrics, combined with comprehensive encryption methods.

We let you create a system that encrypts all files on an individual basis so as to provide security that is multi-layered and ever present. Wherever your data is, at rest, in transit, it is encrypted and protected. And with identity management, you also control exactly who has access to it and when on a granular level. Find out more here about Global Data Sentinel’s data security methods and how they can make the difference.