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Government Report Criticizes DHS IT Security Systems

March 22, 2018

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been told its IT security systems are below par in a government audit. What’s wrong with the DHS’s approach?DHS IT Security Systems deficientThe Office of Inspector General (OIG) has...

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Why You Should Never Pay up to Ransom Cyber Attacks

March 20, 2018

A new survey has shown just how common ransom cyber attacks are, and more importantly, it showed why you should never pay up when such attacks strike.How companies dealt with ransom cyber a...

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US Marines Data Security Breach Caused by Lack of Encryption

March 13, 2018

The details of roughly 21,000 people have potentially been compromised in a data security breach emanating from the US Marine’s travel department. This is an example of how when things go wrong internally, it can be just as dangerous as a malicious...

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Supermarket to Pay for Insider Threat

December 8, 2017

A Supermarket has been found liable in a data leak class-action lawsuit. In 2015, a disgruntled employee proved to be a major insider threat. He released the personal details of 100,000 Morrisons supermarket employees and this ruling sets the way for those affected to claim compe...

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The Equifax Breach: Cyber Security Wake-up Call

September 14, 2017

With the latest major hack last week, it is time that organizations around the world stepped-up and bolstered their cyber security. If you missed the news somehow, Equifax, a credit monitoring company, was hit by a data breach that compromised the personal data of up to 143 million...

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