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Backup and Recovery Essential to Combat Ransomware Threat

August 29, 2019

Backup and recovery solutions for organizations are absolutely vital. They help minimize disruption, keep operations online, and ensure business can carry on as usual. With the revival and increase of ransomware attacks we have seen in 2019, such solutions are more important tha...

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Backup and Recovery Needed in face of Growing Ransomware Attacks

July 30, 2019

This summer has not been good following an outbreak of ransomware attacks. While it seemed for a while that hackers were switching to crypto-jacking tactics, ransomware has undergone an unwelcome resurgence in the last few months with a number of attacks against local government organizations. The need for strong, secure, backup and recovery...

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The Power to Revoke Access Vital to Cyber Security

July 18, 2019

The ability to revoke access is an important component in any organization’s attempt to build strong internal security operations and foster strong working relationships with external partners. Global Data Sentinel’s security ecosystem facilitates this need emphatically. We allow organizations to always remain in charge of who can or cannot access the...

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System Downtime: The Overlooked Cost of Poor Cyber Security

July 2, 2019

The ability to recover from system downtime is a huge part of what should make up an organization’s cyber security. But it’s a part of security far too often overlooked, underfunded and ignored. Organizations need good backup and recovery solutions for when things go wrong becasue good cyber security takes no chances and...

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Getting Data Security in Cloud Computing Right

March 28, 2019

Data security in cloud computing has to be properly considered. If you opt for cloud-based solutions, you might be moving your essential data off your own servers and into the cloud, but that doesn’t mean you are removing all your data security concerns and responsibilities. With such solutions, you need to ensure your...

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