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Where is a Cyber Security Budget Best Spent?

September 5, 2019

Cyber security threats are something no organization can ignore. Simply hoping you won’t be a target is not good enough because it’s only a matter of time before such a policy will backfire. Cyber security measures are needed, and greater investment is r...

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Hostinger Hack Affects 4 million Customer Records

September 3, 2019

The Hostinger hack saw unauthorized access to a server result in the details of millions of people being exposed. How did the hack happen to the web hosting service last month, and what can we learn from the in...

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GitHub Named in Capital One Hack Lawsuit

August 27, 2019

The Capital One hack saw the details of potentially 106 million users stolen earlier this year. In the class action lawsuit that has followed, not just Capital One have been named, but GitHub too. GitHub is a hosting service, and it is alleged the platform should have done more to stop the data...

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White Hat Hackers Offered $1 million for iPhone Hack

August 20, 2019

White hat hackers are an important tool for some of the biggest organizations in the world. White hat hackers find the vulnerabilities in systems, in products and in networks for a reward. The white hat hackers get rewarded, and the business find vulnerabilities before it’s too late and damage is done. Best of...

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How to Make Strong Hybrid Cyber Security Work

August 15, 2019

Very few organizations today carry out all their business on-site in a closed network environment with cloud solutions revolutionizing the way we all do business. Now organizations use a combination of both the cloud and local networks. Businesses have adopted hybrid systems and that now calls for hybrid cyber s...

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