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Enormous Leaked Account Database Posted Online

January 29, 2019

A leaked account database has been circulating online this month. It’s not the accounts compromised in one hack, but a database that includes emails and passwords collated from hundreds if not thousands of smaller hacks.What’s in the...

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Macy’s Data Breach Compromises Credit Cards

July 24, 2018

A Macy’s data breach has seen the personal and financial information of a few thousand customers stolen. The retailer’s online website suffered a number of unauthorized log-ins to online accounts.Macy’s data breach breakdownThe Macy’s Data...

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Chili’s Hack Shows Data Security Breach Prevention an Issue

May 22, 2018

More data security breach prevention tools are perhaps what were needed by the Brinker International owned Chili’s restaurant chain. Chili’s has responded swiftly and well to an incident that has seen customers’ payment card information stolen, but of course, the restaurant chain would have preferred to prevent the incident in the firs...

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Gym App’s Cyber Security Gets a Work Out

January 3, 2017

2016 ended much like it started. No, I’m not talking about the latest celebrity lost to the world, but with news of another cyber security incident. This time it is PayAsUGym over in the UK that is one of the latest companies to suffer a data breach which puts its customers at risk...

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The Never-Ending Story and Cost of Target’s Holiday Data Breach

April 16, 2015

News reaches us that Target has agreed a settlement with MasterCard regarding the holiday data breach of 2013. The deal will see the Minnesota-based company pay some $19m of compensation to companies that issue MasterCard-branded debit or credit cards. MasterCard negotiated with Target on behalf of all the financial institutions in its network...

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