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Cyber Security Mindset Needs to Change – not the Technology

May 19, 2015

Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to even go just a week without reading some kind of corporate security hack, blunder or data loss.  We’ve reported on a number of these incidents and endeavour to raise awareness of the issues and possible solutions to organizations.And...

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Don’t Sit on the Fence on Data Security – it’s not Strong Enough

April 7, 2015

A new report has shown that most companies change their approach to data security after a data breach. The study, entitled ‘Trends in Information Security’, was carried out by CompTIA. It surveyed some 400 US based companies’ tech employees and senior executives. Among many interesting findings, it showed that the majority...

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Make Email Encryption Your Business To Keep Data Secure

March 6, 2015

Email is the default form of business communication, from marketing, to sales, to customer and employee management. It is so critical in business today, that according to the McKinsey Global Institute, in 2012 employees spent 28% of their working hours reading and answering emails.Since email...

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Cloud Computing Issues Organizations Must Consider

February 23, 2015

Compared to traditional computing and storage methods, cloud computing is more flexible, accessible and scalable. As such, it is now a business mainstay. However, as with traditional storage and data sharing, it has data security and cost issues companies must consider.As the use of cloud...

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Cloud Computing Security Protection Still Concerns Users

December 5, 2014

Cloud computing is probably one of the great technological innovations of the 21st century. It has dramatically reduced the IT cost for businesses, enabled business continuity, improved collaboration efficiency, as well as made data access easier.As a result, small and medium size businesses now enjoy...

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