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Backup and Recovery Needed in face of Growing Ransomware Attacks

July 30, 2019

This summer has not been good following an outbreak of ransomware attacks. While it seemed for a while that hackers were switching to crypto-jacking tactics, ransomware has undergone an unwelcome resurgence in the last few months with a number of attacks against local government organizations. The need for strong, secure, backup and recovery solutions has never been more apparent.

More ransomware attacks strike

Unfortunately, the backup and recovery solutions didn’t work in La Porte County Indiana in one of the most recent attacks. Those recovery files were attacked and compromised too and even though only 7 per cent of the laptops on the county’s system were compromised, key services were taken offline by the attack. The county ended up paying the demanded $130,000 ransom.

Such incidents are becoming worryingly common. In the last week, Collierville Tennessee is another example of a county that has been hit by a ransomware attack. Public services have been taken offline and access to the county’s computer network for employees has been limited.

What we don’t want to see occurring regularly is what we saw in Indiana, with the payment of the ransomware demand. The FBI warns against making payments and we completely agree with their recommendation. One of the reasons we are seeing more ransomware attacks more often, is because they are being shown to be successful for the hackers. Paying the ransom is fraught with danger for you and for others. Firstly, there is no guarantee the hackers will actually return control of your files back to you; secondly you identify yourself as good target; and clearly, it encourages similar attacks against others.

Thankfully, that is being recognized, and at the recent United States Conference of Mayors, one resolution that was agreed saw the Mayors commit to a united stand against paying ransoms in the event of IT security breaches.

Global Data Sentinel’s Backup and Recovery

The best defense against ransomware attacks remains a strong and up-to-date backup and recovery solution that lives securely outside of your network.

With the Global Data Sentinel solution, full file versioning and data recovery are an important component of our data security ecosystem. Our offline storage provides true, secure backups for organizations that they can use to quickly get back online when ransomware attacks strike.

Global Data Sentinel takes no chances with your data, providing all the safety nets needed to ensure no data loss and guarantee business continuity.