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Backup and Recovery Essential to Combat Ransomware Threat

August 29, 2019

Backup and recovery solutions for organizations are absolutely vital. They help minimize disruption, keep operations online, and ensure business can carry on as usual. With the revival and increase of ransomware attacks we have seen in 2019, such solutions are more important than ever.

Backup and Recovery Essential to Combat Ransomware Threat

Growing ransomware threat

2019 has unfortunately seen ransomware come back in fashion. The malware infects computer systems of all kind of targets just the same way as other forms of cyber security attacks. It then encrypts and locks files, only releasing them once a ransom is paid. The ransom demand can often be relatively small, around the $500 mark. Hackers don’t necessarily have to have one big successful attack, but lots of little ones to keep their insidious business model afloat.

Once organizations start paying, it only encourages more copy-cat attacks. We have certainly seen that in 2019, with local government organizations being a growing target. They often lack the funds to pre-emptively boost their cyber security and stop such attacks. We’ve seen attacks in Baltimore and Florida this year, and most recently, 22 local government organizations in Texas were all targeted by ransomware attacks.

Backup and Recovery needed

Backup and recovery is an important cyber security measure all organizations should have. It facilitates strong and secure daily operations but can also be a life-saver in a ransomware scenario if implemented properly.

Preventing the breach of a ransomware can be so hard, it only takes one miss-click, one error or one weakness to get infected. With solutions like GDS, those chances can be diminished, but if ransomware does strike, strong backup and recovery can be the difference between swift recovery and paying a ransom.

Backup and Recovery with version control allows the simple roll back of data to the time right before an attack. Organizations can isolate the infected PC and restore network access. The GDS security ecosystem builds a secure infrastructure that lets organizations securely operate backups.

We need to cultivate a cyber security culture that does not pay-up to ransomware. It only makes the situation worse for individual organizations and everyone in the long-run. Backup and Recovery solutions are the first starting point to turning the situation around.

Contact GDS today to find out about Backup and Recovery options that really work. And furthermore, find out more about the other measures we can help organizations take to eliminate the ransomware threat.