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Adidas Data Breach Discovered

July 10, 2018

An Adidas data breach was discovered at the end of last month. The breach of the sporting wear giant’s US website was uncovered, but Adidas is unable to confirm when the attack took place as of yet.

Adidas Data Breach Discovered

What happened in the Adidas data breach?

Details of the Adidas data breach are thin on the ground at the moment. The unauthorized access was discovered on 26 June and investigations started promptly in reaction. Customers have started to be notified if they have been believed to be affected. Adidas says that it is contact information, usernames and encrypted passwords that have been affected in the attack. It also said:

“Adidas has no reason to believe that any credit card or fitness information of those consumers was impacted.”

Regarding how many people have been affected, Adidas said:

“We are alerting certain consumers who purchased on about a potential data security incident. At this time this is a few million consumers.”

Those affected will be keen to find out sooner rather than later, so they can change their passwords on other sites should they have used them elsewhere.

Preventing incidents like the Adidas data breach

Incidents like this Adidas data breach are going nowhere. Retailers remain a common and popular target for cyber criminals because of course, they have the potential to breach and steal payment and credit card information.

Thankfully this does not seem to be the case in the Adidas hack so far. It’s good that Adidas has acted quickly and alerted authorities and customers promptly of the incident once discovered.

The major concern will of course be that exactly when the hack took place has remained elusive so far. If the breach was a long time ago, the damage could have potentially been done already to customers whose information was stolen.

That’s why an important part of all companies’ cyber security operations should be to have accurate monitoring and reporting. Here at Global Data Sentinel, we build security ecosystems for organizations that gives them back oversight of their network and data.

They can see who’s logged in when and where and exactly what they are doing. Staff are notified of unusual behavior automatically and accounts can even be shut down immediately should the behavior be particularly concerning.

It’s too early to say what happened in the Adidas hack, and what the company did well and maybe didn’t. But it will be hoping that it can quickly rectify the error that caused this hack.