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Getting Data Security in Cloud Computing Right

March 28, 2019

Data security in cloud computing has to be properly considered. If you opt for cloud-based solutions, you might be moving your essential data off your own servers and into the cloud, but that doesn’t mean you are removing all your data security concerns and responsibilities. With such solutions, you need to ensure your provider is following proper protocols and protecting your data.

Getting Data Security in Cloud Computing Right

Strong authentication for data security in cloud computing

When it comes to data security in cloud computing, much of the same principles apply that you would want for the security of solutions that are on a local server, but some are heightened. Good data security requires only your approved individuals to be able to access your remote cloud network. You can achieve that with proper identity management that makes use of multi-factor authentication. Processes that include metrics such as biometrics are the most effective and what we provide here at Global Data Sentinel.

You need to be sure the cloud service you are using only allows those approved individuals to access your data. It’s a security risk if the cloud computing provider has their own means of viewing your data. It would undermine any encryption protection on your data. Global Data Sentinel’s cloud solution provides complete zero-knowledge privacy. Global Data Sentinel hosts and encrypts your data, but it never has the means to read, view or see your data. That’s entirely for your eyes and the individuals you grant access to only.

Importance of recovery and backup solutions

One of the most important parts of data security in cloud computing is proper backup and recovery solutions. With a cloud solution your backups are not on hard drive in your office. They are online too in the cloud.

You are reliant on your provider to have proper procedures and fallbacks in place. Here at Global Data Sentinel, our cloud solution provides just that. We provide full file versioning and data recovery for our cloud solutions. We put in so many safety nets, so your data is never at risk of being lost. You can even roll back to old versions of files without overwriting new versions. And deleted files can be recovered easily if needs be.

Find out more about Global Data Sentinel’s cloud options. Our client based solutions let you use the Global Data System on your local systems, on the cloud, or via a hybrid approach.