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Data Breach Report Shows Organizations Not Doing Enough

May 21, 2019

Another week, another data breach report showing the extent of damage being done across the globe. The number of breaches, their frequency and their impact are alarming. Organizations more than ever need to be prepared to prevent and deal with internal and external threats.

Data Breach Report Shows Organizations Not Doing Enough

Stopping big data breaches

No organization wants to be in the next data breach report listed online. Such incidents drag resources away from your important work. They can be costly to fix. And they can hamper your relationship with customers and business partners.

So how do you go about stopping them? The latest report from Australia showed the breadth of attacks that hit the country from January to March of this year – the ones that were reported at least. In those attacks, 61 percent were marked down as the result of malicious criminal attacks. You need to have the tool to keep out nefarious attackers. But also, the tools to kick them out of your system quickly should they somehow slip through.

Strong multi-factor authentication make the compromising of accounts far harder. If you need a combination of a biometric, card, password or phrase to login, your system can remain extremely secure.

If an account did start to act suspiciously and was possibly hacked, tamperproof auditing and tracking would detect abnormal activity as it’s happening. Global Data Sentinel security ecosystem combines identity management, encryption, and behavioral analysis to keep your data safe from attackers. If organizations can detect the issues early, they can minimize the damage.

Preventing human error

The quarterly data breach report from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) showed that one particular breach had compromised 10 million individuals. In a country of 25.4 million, that’s worrying.

Overall 215 data breaches were notified to the department. While 61 percent were from outsider threats, the report also served as a reminder that companies need secure internal solutions too. Some 75 of the data breaches were a result of human error.

You need systems that prevent your own employees making mistakes. That means limiting their access to a need to know basis on files for a start. They can’t accidentally share important information if they don’t have it. But more importantly, give them the tools and the training to share data in a safe way. Our encryption solution, that always travels with your data, is a great place to start. Find out more here.